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340B Pharmacy

A 340B pharmacy is a retail entity that provides prescription drugs to patients of eligible entities under the 340B Drug Discount Program.

The 340B program requires pharmaceutical companies to sell outpatient drugs at discounted rates to health care organizations that serve a large number of uninsured and low-income patients.

Patient eligibility

Who qualifies for the 340B program?

In order to receive 340B eligible prescriptions, a patient must have already received health care services other than medications from AVV Health Centers.   

Are 340B drug prices available for inpatient prescriptions?

No. 340B drug pricing applies only to covered outpatient medications. 


Which drugs are 340B program eligible?

To qualify for 340B program discounts, a drug must be on the 340B formulary, the prescription must be filled at one of AVV Health Centers’ contracted 340B pharmacies.  And AVV Health Centers may not take dual discounts on a prescription — for example, a prescription paid for by Medicaid is not eligible for 340B discounts.

Who are AVV Health Centers' contracted Pharmacies in the area?

Walgreens (Muskogee, Wagoner, and Coweta), Wal-Mart, Ernie’s Drug in Muskogee, Economy Pharmacies in Muskogee. We also offer home delivery pharmacies through Equiscripts such as PillPack for chronic medications.

Contact us for more information related to our 340B program and eligibility.

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